Why are dentists selling these days?

Wes Read CPA, CFP® PracticeCFO is coming up on six years since formation. During that time, we’ve worked with hundreds of dentists and learned a lot of lessons. One striking lesson we’ve learned during that time is that change is continuous. It’s always occurring. Indeed, its permanent.  The change that often comes unexpectedly to us is when a dentist decides to sell their practice. One would expect the decision to sell to be predictable. In other words, a dentist runs a great career,...Read More

Is it time to refinance?

Greg Maravilla, MBA, CPA, CFP® | CFO Advisor / Partner   As the stock and bond market signal recession and the Federal Reserve having recently dropped its fed fund rate, we are likely to see bank interest rates doing lower.  30-year mortgage rates are now around 3.7% and practice loans are in the low 4%.  As a result, if you have existing debt, you might consider refinancing to save on interest expense.  Is it worth it?  Some things to consider first:   Prepayment penalties –...Read More
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