Additional HHS Grant And Staff Testing Positive For COVID

Dear clients and friends of PracticeCFO,

Just a reminder that if you’re a client of PracticeCFO and would like us to apply for this new round of HHS grant funding, please complete this form. We sent an email earlier this week with the details of this new grant.

Additionally, and very importantly, our friend Caroline Epps from Dentists Insure notified us of the following. Please keep this in mind if your staff test positive for COVID. For additional questions, you can reach out to Caroline at or at

“There is a very important CA Senate Bill (SB1159) that was enacted on Sept 17, 2020.  It is an extension of Governor Newsom’s executive order and this Bill is in effect until Jan 1, 2023.  Since dental employees have to work outside of their home, and they fall under the healthcare worker category, if any of your employees test positive for COVID, their COVID medical care will be given through Workers Compensation. Please take the time to read this on The CA Department of Industrial Relations website.

We may have a lot of personal opinions regarding this Bill and there are some gray areas. As I read through it, I imagined the employee who think “I don’t need to tell my boss my Covid status” mentality. And I am sure you have a lot of scenarios that may go through your mind too.  Believe me, I really wish I could answer your potential scenario questions and all the gray areas but I cannot. What I can tell you for certain though is this – if you do become aware that one of your employees has tested positive for COVID, you are required to contact the Claims Department of your Workers Compensation Insurance carrier.  And the claims department will be the point person to walk you through navigating any COVID employee claims. Please also keep me (or whomever your Worker’s Compensation Insurance Agent is) in the loop if you do have to make a COVID Workers Comp claim so I can be aware and keep my eyes and ears on the movement of the claim.”

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