The makings of an effective huddle meeting

Before any team can perform, they must first gather and create a game plan to execute and win the game. Your dental practice is no different. Having a morning huddle meeting each day is a must! Use your morning huddle to celebrate. To plan. To Improve. But most of all, take better care of your patients! The most successful practices build their huddles around team member responsibilities. No one is exempt, everyone has a part and simplicity is the key to a well-run team huddle. “The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” - Phil Jackson Start each huddle by spending 5 minutes celebrating the previous day’s successes for each dentist, hygienist, front desk, and your entire practice. What went well yesterday? Who reached or exceeded a goal? What great customer service stories can you share? Have fun. Be positive. Celebrate. Don’t forget the “high fives” here! If something fell short, find an opportunity to change that outcome. Next, review today’s schedule for each doctor, hygienist and front office:
  • Who’s on my schedule today?
  • Why are they coming in?
  • Do my patients have any unscheduled treatment?
  • Do they have family members with unscheduled treatment?
  • Do they have an account balance?
  • Are they scheduled for future hygiene cleanings?
  • Follow up calls
Make sure these 6 items are reviewed daily:
  1. Look: Look at the previous day’s performance and compare to the goals you set for the day.
  1. Discover: How did things go? What went well? (celebrate) What could be improved? (opportunity).
  1. Discuss: Talk about what happened, and share ideas about why. The entire team must get involved.
  1. Plan: How will today be better? What specific things can we focus on? Who will own that?
  1. Act: This is HUGE! Talk without action is just that, talk. Invite everyone to do something specific toward your daily goal. Everyone needs to contribute.
  1. Report: Follow-up is crucial. When performance is reported, performance is improved!
The morning huddle is all about you and your team and ensuring everyone has clearly defined objectives and responsibilities. Design your huddle to be encouraging and to motivate your team! It’s critical that all huddles conclude on a positive note so that you and your team project that same positive note to your patients.

Inspire * Excite * Motivate!

-Deb Eatros, Practice Management Consultant at PracticeCFO

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