In this video we have two clients Rabee MCDonald and Christo Mallakis, tell us how PracticeCFO located at San Diego, CA has helped them tremendously in the success of their partnership. They tell us how splitting the profits have been so easy due to PracticeCFO’s help and how that has truly helped make their business marriage a huge success. They also tell us how PracticeCFO helped them achieve their business and personal financial goals as well as plan their future perfectly. They also rave about PracticeCFO’s excellent customer service and tell how they get a reply within an hour no matter what time of the day they send an email to PracticeCFO.

PracticeCFO has helped us tremendously in the formation of our partnership because I have been around this block a couple of times where I have bought into a practice and then bought the full practice from my old partner and I knew what I was getting into. PracticeCFO’s monthly support has really helped us not have any arguments and everything goes so smoothly every month. There is no question as to how to split the allocations or how do we split our hygiene profits and they have just been wonderful.

They have really been supportive in helping my side coming in as new dentist, young dentist, not really knowing anything. In understanding, they have guided me and taught me some business, some other practices that need to be done that aren’t taught in school.

In the past, I would do all the reports for the practice and most of the accounting and trying to figure out our monthly profits. PracticeCFO taking over that has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. I no longer do any accounting. They really have it honed down to a form that is idiot proof and they can really guide us through what belongs to whom. Whenever something comes up, whether it’s building related or practice related and we weren’t sure where those numbers would go, Wes and PracticeCFO have been instrumental in helping us figure that out. I can’t say enough about how important that is. It goes beyond that initial partnership. They make sure that this business marriage works because that’s what this is; this is a business marriage between two people.

Monthly, they are very easy. As far as we send them what they need, the numbers the everything and they take care of the splits. PracticeCFO, you know, if they have a question or two, they will write us back but for the most part, we send them information and they get us back the splits, our partnership allocations and really just handle everything for us. PracticeCFO, again coming in as a new dentist, I didn’t know who to trust. I didn’t have a CPA, I didn’t have financial advisors anything out of school and I was looking for someone to, really kind of, take care of everything. I searched around, there was nothing around incorporated the business side and the personal financial side as well as the future planning and I came across PracticeCFO and after talking with Wes and meeting the team, it seemed like a perfect fit and after two years now working with them I have nothing but high praises to say about them. They have helped me on the business side as well as my personal financial goals and really molded those to work one on one.

PracticeCFO’s Customer Service, I would give them a ten. I can count on getting an e-mail back within an hour. I am not sure how they do it. I could e-mail them at all hours and I will get a response and that to me is amazing. Their customer service, I cannot speak highly enough.

I would absolutely refer PracticeCFO to every dentist, even doctor that I know. They handle everything outstanding. They take care of it just with excellent care and excellent precision.

I take my referrals really seriously and I would not hesitate to refer PracticeCFO to any dentist that wants to take on a partner. I would not think twice about it. They are reasonable in their fees.They are prompt, they are courteous, they’re umm very respected.

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