In this video Weston Spencer a PracticeCFO client shares with us his experience of working with PracticeCFO, located at San Diego, CA. He tells us how he does not need to worry about book keeping or taxes now and how he is able to spend time with his four children after work without the burden of keeping track of financial numbers and matrix all which is taken care of by PracticeCFO. He also tells us he is now aware of exactly where his money has gone and how much he has. He tells that with PracticeCFO’s help, every year, he and his business have grown and every goal he has set till now he has been able to reach.

As interested as I was in having somebody that ah was may be a big accounting firm or somebody that I knew had been around for a long time…met, when I met Wes it seemed like he had a lot more interest in me personally and what I was specifically trying to accomplish personally. One of the things I like most is the fact that when I go home from work at may be 5 o clock or 5 30 I usually don’t spend a whole lot of time stressing about what my books look like or how much I’m gonna own taxes at the end of the month. Honestly by using Wes the burden of keeping track of a lot of the big financial numbers and matrix are kinda taken off my plate.

I have four kids so I don’t wanna spend a whole lot time when I’m at home worrying about whether my books look good, what my end of the month or the end of the year numbers look like. Honestly Wes puts, Wes and his team put everything kinda packaged nicely together so at the end of every single month I know exactly what I’ve done, I know exactly where my money’s gone, I know exactly how much I have and where I can allocate that towards trying to grow my business as best as possible and every year I feel we’ve grown significantly so with that in mind knowing that he’s got my back and we know where we’re headed all the goals we’ve tried to set for ourselves through now we’ve been able to reach.

So we have long term goals you know the next five, ten, twenty years and I have no doubt we’ll be able to reach those. I definitely feel like they’re looking out for me, I’ve never been disappointed in their response in being able to help me out answer any questions. Even if they don’t have a question to answer right away they let me know hey we’ll get an answer to you as soon as we can and usually that’s in a pretty timely manner. I get asked often if I am meeting with other dentists in kind of social settings who’s your accountant and within, I mean right away I usually recommend Wes and his team I mean it’s just the first thing that comes out umm I really probably wouldn’t be at, in as good a place both as a business and financially if I didn’t have them kind of there along the way to help me you know set and reach my goals.

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