We provide accounting reports each month that are specific to your type of practice. Our reports go beyond the standard QuickBooks list of income and expenses. Instead, our reports provide a 3D x-ray of the financial health of your practice by:

  1. Categorizing like expenses so you know exactly what your expense ratios are (e.g. labor costs).
  2. Providing a comparison with other practices like yours (e.g. general dentist, oral surgeon, endodontist, plastic surgeon, etc).
  3. Bench-marking your income and expenses with targets we develop in our financial planning meetings.
  4. Converting the raw numbers into helpful graphs and charts to more feasibly measure your progress.
  5. Provide a monthly report illustrating how current you are with your tax and/or 401K funding so you don’t get behind.
  6. Notifying you through an email when your monthly reports are posted to your secure online PracticeCFO account.

The benefits of these monthly accounting reports include

  • Increased understanding about the true profitability and financial health of your practice.
  • The ability to easily identify financial areas needing attention in your practice.
  • A monthly illustration of your progress toward your financial goals, both in the practice and personally.
  • Comfort knowing you are on track to properly pay your taxes and fund your retirement plan.
  • Less time maintaining your own bookkeeping
  • Less time worrying about where you are with your tax obligations
  • More time focusing on your patients, family, and recreation
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