Practice owners pay too much in taxes. Consequently, they are not able to save enough toward their financial independence. To successfully build wealth, Practice owners must reduce their tax obligations. There is no way to escape this.

Working exclusively with practice owners, PracticeCFO knows how to identify various legitimate tax deductions so our clients retain more of their earnings. Because we are involved proactively throughout the year, we make sure that all tax strategies are properly implemented.

We can can complete all types of business and personal tax returns, including:

  1. S Corporation Tax Returns (1120S)
  2. C Corporation Tax Returns (1120)
  3. Partnership Tax Returns (1065)
  4. LLC Tax Returns (Filing as Sole Proprietor, 1120S, or Partnership)
  5. Personal Return (1040)

Here’s what you get…

  • A carefully delivered and executed tax plan well in advance of April 15th
  • A tax plan that is part of your overall business and personal financial plan
  • A monthly “Tax Funding” report, illustrating how current you are in paying your taxes so you don’t get behind
  • A tax returned reviewed by three PracticeCFO CPA professionals to ensure accuracy and that all available tax deductions were applied
  • A secure online PracticeCFO account containing all tax returns and supporting documents in a single location (Also in the online account will be your monthly financial statements, financial plans, and payroll reports)
  • A careful analysis of your retirement plan (e.g. 401K) to ensure full tax benefits
  • A depreciation analysis to optimize the use of section 179, 199, and bonus depreciation properly
    Timely e-filed tax returns
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