Are you planning to purchase a practice? Do you need help with these questions:

  1. What is the true operating profitability of the practice?
  2. How much should I offer for the practice?
  3. At that price, how much will I take home after overhead, debt, and taxes?
  4. How reliable are the financial reports provided by the seller?
  5. How do I prepare for ownership?

Your financial well-being will depend on the success of your practice. Getting into the right practice might be the most important decision you’ll make in your career. PracticeCFO can help you make that decision. We complete a full profitability analysis and asking price assessment. We’ll even complete that analysis for FREE.

Then we’ll complete a due-diligence assessment on the underlying numbers of the practice. We walk you through every step, every decision, every key moment as you approach ownership. Either you’ll know the practice isn’t a good fit, or you’ll move forward enthusiastically.

The benefits of our buyer representation services include:

  1. Having a specialized CPA advocate for you throughout the transition.
  2. A “Comprehensive Practice Purchase Checklist,” which provides you with a complete road map of the practice purchase process.
  3. Clarity in understanding the true financial health of your target practice.
  4. A forecast of what you’ll likely take home from the practice to pay for your living needs and personal financial goals.
  5. Comfort knowing the financial reports are reliable.
  6. Guidance through the array of financial and tax laws required of new practice owners.
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