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Janine Leveille

Integrator | Chief Operations Officer

Who is Janine Leveille?  Janine has experience working for private high-net worth families and their businesses as an Executive Assistant, Business Manager, and General Manager etc.  She has a vast background in management and company development.  She worked as a manager for In-n-Out Burger getting to know the much loved owners and traveled to open many stores on the all-star team.  She also worked for a CA marketing takeover company that took her overseas for several months.  She has managed several top equine facilities and assisted in a professional show jumping barn.  Specifically, she has over 20 years of professional experience working in the Thoroughbred horse racing industry in both Kentucky and California. She has bred, raced and sold millions of dollars in Thoroughbreds. She managed several large equine portfolios for high-net worth families including management of a three-time Eclipse award winning farm on the West Coast.

What is Janine’s favorite part of her job at PracticeCFO?  Janine loves being a problem solver and the person behind the curtain.  She enjoys developing processes for the company and being a part of the growth of the business.  When someone says, there must be a better way?! … Janine gets to work!

What does Janine do when she is not on the job?  Janine is an avid yogi.  She found yoga in 2009 which greatly aided in her recovery from a very serious accident.  She is a certified RYT Power Yoga Teacher with over 250 hours of certification and continued education on her mat.  Her teaching emphasizes on yoga for athletics and injury recovery.  While she does not have much time to teach with her role at PracticeCFO she is blessed when the opportunity arises to share her journey with students.  Janine is a music lover, enjoys traveling, reading, and goofing off with her mini doxie Sealy.  She loves sports especially football (go Seahawks!) and horse racing.

What is something most people do not know about Janine?  7 is her lucky number.  It started as a young kids obsession that grew every time the number had a positive effect in her life.  To this day, every time she fills her gas tank up, the pump always ends in the number 7.  She became a yoga teacher after 7 years of personal practice.  She was PracticeCFO’s 7th employee hired so now she is convinced her luck with the number 7 is solid.  She still has not won the lotto using the number but the future is bright.

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