The art and science of Social media marketing for dentists

To successfully market a dental office on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform, you need to spend a good amount of time creating and posting different forms of media and messaging. The beauty of the digital age is that you no longer have to guess what your audience wants because through data they WILL tell you! In this article I will provide you with a few things you can do to see immediate results in you online marketing efforts. When building an ad the first thing is to try various images or videos. This is what will catch the attention of a user that is scrolling through their social feed. If you have the best copy in the world but don’t have an image or video that gets the attention of your audience then your copy will never get read! This is extremely important when advertising on any social platform. You’ll want to focus this image on the service your promoting, make sure it’s clear and can quickly be identified in milliseconds. Another thing you can do is incorporate an offer into that image using some text (just make sure you aren’t using too much text as your ad will most likely get disapproved). A price or a discount on the service always helps you to get someone to stop scrolling and pay attention. Once you have a good image or video that is producing results, it’s time to start testing your copy. Always start with a headline as this is probably the first thing someone will read. The headline can be your offer or a call to action but make sure it’s something that stands out. Your copy should focus on the problems or the pain points of the patient, for example an implant patient has problems eating or chewing or doesn’t like his or her smile and is embarrassed. Focus in these things in your ads and magic can happen! On most of the major ad platforms you can set a goal or objective of the ad. Focus your attention on conversion. That means you want someone to provide you with their information. This usually is a name, phone number, and email address. Once you have their information the ball is in your court to follow up and get that patient booked. You’d think this would be an easy step but most marketing fails because of lack of follow up. Stay on your team members and make sure they don’t let these leads fall through the cracks! Come up with a system or process that includes a series of phone calls, emails and text messages. Setting up your campaigns is probably the most technical part, but the rest of this is easy it just takes time and patients to find out what works. Make sure you test a lot, testing can draw a clear picture of what your target market is looking for. If you need help we are here for you. We will even set up your account for you and provide you with a few pointers at no cost. So if your ready to expand your marketing efforts and need a little help reach out to me at and I’ll be happy to get you moving in the right direction. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it, and I want to wish you good luck and prosperity.    
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