The Ultimate Sophistication is…..

Pop Quiz Doc. What was it Da Vinci Said About Sophistication?

Well, I can’t give you the answer just yet, but let me preface it. Compare these two doctors: Alright, here’s the answer to our little quiz: The ultimate sophistication is simplicity – Mr. Leo DV My examples above aren’t made up. The data is clear. Those doctors with a simple financial structure and healthy practice progress toward financial independence faster. And, doctors that keep it simple, tend to have less stress. This doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. They do. Maybe even harder. But they work smarter, and more focused. The rifle shot goes farther and impacts deeper than the shotgun. Yet, we are so lured into the complicated. Perhaps it’s the dream of something beyond. Perhaps prestige. Or perhaps we simply like shiny stuff. But those doctors that keep it simple, run a decent practice, and live in financial stealth mode, are the ones that have cash in the bank and sleep well at night. Back to doctors A and B. Doctor A’s net worth is increasing by $75,000 per year, largely from debt pay down. Dr. B’s is growing by $175,000, from both debt pay down and tax-deductible savings. At a 6% growth rate on assets, and a 4% withdrawal rate on those assets in retirement, look at the difference in (1) Net Worth and (2) monthly spending ability in retirement assuming a 4% allowable withdrawal rate.   Since my clients all know I love to hand out action items, here it is for you the reader: Distill the number of investment accounts, offices, loans, credit cards, and unnecessary spending down to the basics. One business checking account. Two at the most. Same with credit cards. One or two practice loans.  And a personal budget that is smaller than your income.  Then focus on creating an awesome practice with awesome cash flow and an awesome financial future. We know this as Occam’s Razor:  The principal that, most of the time, simplicity is the most effective solution.   His words literally translated were, “entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” There is substantive content in my colleagues’ articles in this newsletter, as well as our guest articles. None of this is ghost written, but instead written based on what we’re seeing every day working with dentists. Hope you enjoy! Wes
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