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About PracticeCFO

As a dentist, you face the challenge of treating your patients while also running a business. You may have an accountant, a financial planner and other advisors for your practice, but the information you receive is often disjointed and doesn’t consider your personal finances.

Practice CFO is a one-stop shop that greatly simplifies your practice and personal financial management. Everything is done for you under one roof and by a team who knows you and your practice personally. We have the people, technology and systems to create a comprehensive plan that will increase your wealth and success exponentially.
Meet the team

We know dental practices

Founded in 2013, PracticeCFO has advised hundreds of dentists across the U.S. We know what works. We’re CPAs, Certified Financial Planners, and tax advisors who understand dental practices and recognize their unique challenges and opportunities.

PracticeCFO by the numbers:

• 350+ dental practices served
• $200+ million assets under management
• 98% client retention rate
• Serving practices $1M to $10M in size

PracticeCFO Client Locations

We proudly provide all services both in-person and virtual, allowing us to serve dentists all across the country.

Ignite Your Practice

You wouldn’t advise your patients to handle their own dentistry, so why go it alone in managing the financial affairs of your practice? PracticeCFO understands the business. We take a proactive, systematic approach. And we have the solutions, best practices and experience to analyze situations and provide skilled guidance.

We’re a Team-oriented, Highly Responsive group of Industry specialists who offer a surplus in Value from Experts to help you and your practice THRIVE!

Company Culture

Company culture is a huge part of life at PracticeCFO! We're incredibly proud of our team comradery - one that values bonding, wellness, work/ life balance and good vibes all around. The firm proudly has its own wellness program, annual company retreats, departmental bonding days and more. With an internal team dedicated to facilitating company culture year-round, new initiatives are always developing!

At the end of the day, "Thrive" is far more than just a client-facing motto. It's an exhilarating work lifestyle that we advocate for and nurture through a focus on our own team culture.


Our company is a leading provider of accounting and business consulting services to professional practice owners. We owe our success to the skill, diligence, and efficiency of our employees, and we seek to hire and retain the finest employees in our industry and provide a work environment in which each employee can reach his or her full potential.
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