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CFO Services for a thriving practice and stress-free life

A dental practice is a business with unique financial challenges that call for skilled expertise. Yet as a dentist, nearly all of your training was focused on dental treatments. PracticeCFO can take much of the financial decision-making burden off your plate, giving you more time to see patients and enjoy your life.
Personal Financial Planning

Most dental practice owners enter their profession with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by issues for your business and to therefore push aside doing personal financial planning. But goals like funding your future, eliminating debt, reducing taxes, and planning your retirement are too important to kick down the road.

PracticeCFO takes a comprehensive look at your financial picture and provides a clear strategy for accumulating wealth and navigating your financial future.

Practice Financial Planning

Your practice is the beating heart of your cash flow. And you want that heart to be healthy. PracticeCFO offers integrated services that optimize all aspects of your business to boost financial success. We take the guesswork out of scaling your wealth and guide you toward smart financial decisions that accelerate your success.

You’ll get proven solutions for everything from taxes and financial analysis to investments and retirement plans. These solutions will help you achieve financial independence earlier in life.

Tax Planning & Preparation

A comprehensive financial plan isn’t complete without tax planning. You need to consider your current taxes, your taxes on investments as they grow, and your future taxes that will affect the withdrawal of assets in retirement. PracticeCFO is experienced in applying legitimate but assertive tax deductions that allow you to retain more of your earnings.

Because we are involved proactively throughout the year, we make sure that all tax strategies – business and personal – are properly implemented.


As your dental practice grows, its accounting needs become more complex. It’s important for you to know the true profitability of your business. You want to be sure you’re on track to meet your financial objectives. PracticeCFO will give you detailed accounting reports each month that summarize the financial health of your practice. These reports will also allow you to compare your overhead to industry norms as well as track your progress toward specific financial goals.

Our accounting team not only reduces your administrative burdens; they also provide keen insights that can drive practice growth and profits.

Payroll Services

Processing payroll is a critical part of running your business. Yet payroll can be complicated and expensive. Additionally, how you do payroll can affect how much you pay in taxes. If it’s not properly determined, you risk overpaying FICA taxes or becoming the subject of an IRS audit. And if your practice has a retirement plan, such as a 401k, you’ll need to determine how your compensation affects the plan funding requirements for you and your staff.

Discover effortless integration with PracticeCFO's in-house payroll system, which seamlessly integrates into your tax and financial strategies. Our comprehensive platform extends beyond basic payroll services, providing access to expert HR support, precise Time and Attendance tracking, employee geo-tracking with biometric options, work comp pay-as-you-go, quarterly webinar best practice trainings, an annual webinar covering the latest laws presented by an HR attorney, and much more!

Why choose PracticeCFO

When you have a dental practice, the demands on your attention are many. Administrative tasks can consume much of your time. PracticeCFO helps you prioritize personal and business financial planning. We take those burdens off your plate, so that you’re able to focus on what you do best – care for your patients.
Achieve financial freedom earlier
Our clients become financially independent 10 years earlier than the average dentist. PracticeCFO can create a roadmap for you to achieving your financial goals. We show you how to accomplish your dreams, care for your family and lead your best life.
Boost and retain profits
We help you understand the financial drivers of profitability and show you proven strategies to minimize overhead while increasing revenue. These are techniques you can implement in your practice today to accelerate practice growth and see fast results.
Pay lower taxes
Our in-depth knowledge of the dental industry combined with accounting expertise enables us to advise you on tax reduction strategies. We’ll make sure you retain as much of your income as is legally allowed.
Get out of debt
Most dentists come into their practice strapped with significant debt. Whether you have student loans, practice loans, or business loans, we can help you determine the fastest method to eliminate your debt and feel that massive weight lifted from your shoulders.
Increase savings
Smart investing can have a huge impact on the lifestyle you lead and when you’ll be able to retire. With advice from our Certified Financial Planner, you’ll maximize savings to accelerate funding your future.
Enjoy work/life balance
In today’s a fast-paced world, creating a work-life balance is a continuous process, especially when you’re operating a thriving dental practice. We help you manage your time and reduce stress to give you a happier, sustainable lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions we get regarding our CFO services. If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us. We’d be happy to speak with you about your individual situation.
What does it mean to have a CFO team?
You’ll have a team led by your personal CFO advisor. That advisor has a supporting direct team and a supporting indirect team.

• Your CFO’s Direct Team: Supporting advisor and administrative assistant.
• Your CFO’s Indirect Team: Dedicated members of our accounting, tax, and investment teams. They’ll be working together with you to optimize every aspect of your finances – business and personal.
I already have an accountant. Why should I switch to your service?
We’re not just your accountant. We’re you Chief Financial Officer (CFO), both for the practice, and for you individually; a strategic financial coach if you will. This is fundamentally a different model. The CFO model is strategic, comprehensive, integrative, and most importantly forward- looking. The accountant model is disjointed and backward-looking.

With the CFO model, you’ll receive traditional accounting and CPA services, but more importantly, you’ll get an overlay of regular, proactive, advice; i.e. what to do to improve.

Specifically, you’ll get the following services:

• Business financial planning
• Personal financial planning
• Strategic cash-flow forecasting
• Assertive tax planning
• Accounting and Tax filing services
• Investment and retirement plan guidance (e.g. 401Ks, IRAs, DB plan, Education 529s and general brokerage accounts).
Can you help me save money on my taxes?
Our in-depth knowledge of the dental industry combined with accounting expertise enables us to advise you on tax reduction strategies. We’ll make sure you retain as much of your income as is legally allowed.
What types of financial advice do you provide?
Our expertise extends well beyond accounting and taxes. With our decades of experience, working exclusively with dental practices, we’re able to consult with you on key financial decisions, suggest strategies for profit improvement, and facilitate exit planning when the time is right.
Does PracticeCFO offer payroll services?
Yes, we have our own in-house payroll system.
What our clients say
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