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Our team has been helping dental and medical professional throughout the country for 10 years.

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We offer tax, accounting, business and personal financial planning services for dental and medical professionals.

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We help you establish an accounting, tax, and financial system to make sure you feel organized. This system integrates all areas of your finances, from accounting, taxes, payroll, budget, 401K, debt, and more. This integration will eliminate the disjointedness practices owners often find among their financial service providers.

Your financial well-being depends on the success of your practice. Getting into the right practice might be the most important decision you'll make in your career. We can help you make that decision. We complete a full profitability analysis and asking price assessment. Then we complete due-diligence on the underlying numbers of the practice. We walk you through every step, every decision, every key moment as you approach ownership.

You need more than a historian for a CPA. You need a forward looking, proactively involved CFO. We will look for and apply every legitimate tax deduction available for you. Then we provide a monthly report showing you how current you are with your tax payments. It is our responsibility to make sure you save taxes and never get behind.

Knowing when and how to fund a retirement plan is one of the most important decisions you'll make toward saving taxes and becoming financially independent. But doctors often establish the wrong type of plan and don't fund it properly.We can help establish the right type of plan for your practice. Even more importantly, we'll take responsibility for administering it the right way so you can focus on your patients and growing your practice.

We offer one-on-one guidance to help you strengthen your financial security. We help you create a financial plan to pay down debt and save for your future. The earlier you establish an economic plan, the faster we can help you achieve financial independence. And it's never to late to start!

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"Since signing on with Practice CFO a year and a half ago, my dental practice has thrived, in large part due to the guidance and support of Wes Read and his team. Along with this, thanks to the quarterly financial review and planning meetings and the overall caliber of their services, my "financial IQ" has increased greatly. Simply put, Practice CFO is a phenomenal company in every regard." – Dr. Levine

"Without a doubt the most beneficial decision I've made for my business. Cannot say enough great things about PracticeCFO and their staff. They have been such a great asset to myself and my family."– Dr. Hannanvash

"We started with PracticeCFO with a very tricky transition when my brother and I purchased our first 2 dental practices simultaneously in April 2016. They've been instrumental since day 1, and I'm looking at it as a lifetime partnership. They helped us form our Partnerships, our S-Corps, and was extremely organized during the whole process which helped keep us on track with what we needed to get done and when. They never acted like any of my millions of questions were stupid, and thoroughly answered them all. Their monthly reports are amazing, as it has all your balance sheet/operating costs itemized, and compared to what the market average is, and what your goal is. It's very helpful letting you see and understand the numbers and where you could improve, or where you're doing great. After meetings, they make a to-do list, and follows up. I would highly recommend Practice CFO to any dental friends that wanted to help get in a more stable financial position for their future." – Dr. Emigh

"The PracticeCFO team is very personable and professional. They provide comprehensive information on tax strategies and financial planning for the dental professional that are beneficial for both the short and long term. Massive ROI!" – Dr. Galli

"Great office. Very professional and helpful. They respond to my questions and emails very promptly. It has helped me get my dental office better organized." – Dr. Warner

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