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Pick your perfect CFO team

PracticeCFO offers you a dedicated team of professionals who match your needs and objectives. They’ll create a fully-integrated, customized plan for your dental practice and personal finances and then help you implement it.

The CFO team will:

  • Meet with you throughout the year to review your financial situation
  • Provide clear, frequent feedback to you
  • Oversee critical action items for achieving financial success

Please review each CFO profile below to assess which team will be the best fit for you and your practice.

Can't Decide?
Can't decide?

Why choose PracticeCFO

When you own a dental practice, you have many demands on your attention. Administrative tasks can consume much of your time. PracticeCFO helps you prioritize personal and business financial planning and make decisions that optimize your financial success.
Achieve financial freedom earlier
Our clients become financially independent 10 years earlier than the average dentist. PracticeCFO can create a roadmap for you to achieving your financial goals. We show you how to accomplish your dreams, care for your family and lead your best life.
Boost and retain profits
We help you understand the financial drivers of profitability and show you proven strategies to minimize overhead while increasing revenue. These are techniques you can implement in your practice today to accelerate practice growth and see fast results.
Pay lower taxes
Our in-depth knowledge of the dental industry combined with accounting expertise enables us to advise you on tax reduction strategies. We’ll make sure you retain as much of your income as is legally allowed.
Get out of debt
Most dentists come into their practice strapped with significant debt. Whether you have student loans, practice loans, or business loans, we can help you determine the fastest method to eliminate your debt and feel that massive weight lifted from your shoulders.
Increase savings
Smart investing can have a huge impact on the lifestyle you lead and when you’ll be able to retire. With advice from our Certified Financial Planner, you’ll maximize savings to accelerate funding your future.
Enjoy work/life balance
In today’s a fast-paced world, creating a work-life balance is a continuous process, especially when you’re operating a thriving dental practice. We help you manage your time and reduce stress to give you a happier, sustainable lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions we get regarding our CFO teams. If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us. We’d be happy to speak with you about your individual situation.
How often will I meet with my CFO Advisor?
You’ll have three-to-five meetings per year and access to a primary point of contact at any time in between for coaching as needed.
Can I mix and match teams?
No. Teams operate as a unit, and do so in order for you to have a seamless experience.
Do different teams come with different prices?
No. We have consistent pricing across teams. The pricing is determined by PracticeCFO and based on the practice’s size and complexity.
What if I invest time bringing my team up to speed and then one of its members leaves PracticeCFO?
We’re happy to say we have an exceptionally high retention rate. Our people genuinely love their work and get to know our clients extremely well. It’s important to remember that you’ll be working with a team – CFO, Supporting CFO, Accountant, Tax CPA, Investment Manager – not just one individual, which helps ensure consistency and continuity.
What if I have questions or need assistance at some time in between our quarterly meetings?
You’ll have a primary point of contact, someone you can contact at any time with any question, and get an immediate response.
What our clients say
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