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Investing for your future

Did you know that only 2% of dentists today are able to retire at age 65 and maintain their lifestyle? Are you on track for financial independence? With proper planning and investments, you can eliminate financial uncertainty in your future.
401K Investments

A 401k plan helps you attract and retain quality employees to your practice. It can also save you money in the form of tax credits and deductions. Historically, 401ks were designed for large corporations. High fees and administration headaches kept them out of reach for small businesses like dental practices.

Today, however, they’re more affordable and manageable. We can help you set up a low-cost, low-maintenance plan that helps you:

  • Save in taxes
  • Accelerate your retirement
  • Provide an employee benefit to retain key staff

To directly reach out to our investments team, please email

Other Investments

Researching investments, assessing options and executing decisions takes time and experience. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to procrastinate on taking action. But goals like funding your children’s education or planning your retirement are too important to risk getting wrong.

PracticeCFO takes a comprehensive look at your business and personal financial picture. We then provide a clear strategy for accumulating wealth, minimizing taxes, and navigating your financial future.

Why choose PracticeCFO

When you have a dental practice, the demands on your attention are many. Administrative tasks can consume much of your time. PracticeCFO helps you prioritize personal and business financial planning. We take those burdens off your plate, so that you’re able to focus on what you do best – care for your patients.
Achieve financial freedom earlier
Our clients become financially independent 10 years earlier than the average dentist. PracticeCFO can create a roadmap for you to achieving your financial goals. We show you how to accomplish your dreams, care for your family and lead your best life.
Boost and retain profits
We help you understand the financial drivers of profitability and show you proven strategies to minimize overhead while increasing revenue. These are techniques you can implement in your practice today to accelerate practice growth and see fast results.
Pay lower taxes
Our in-depth knowledge of the dental industry combined with accounting expertise enables us to advise you on tax reduction strategies. We’ll make sure you retain as much of your income as is legally allowed.
Get out of debt
Most dentists come into their practice strapped with significant debt. Whether you have student loans, practice loans, or business loans, we can help you determine the fastest method to eliminate your debt and feel that massive weight lifted from your shoulders.
Increase savings
Smart investing can have a huge impact on the lifestyle you lead and when you’ll be able to retire. With advice from our Certified Financial Planner, you’ll maximize savings to accelerate funding your future.
Enjoy work/life balance
In today’s a fast-paced world, creating a work-life balance is a continuous process, especially when you’re operating a thriving dental practice. We help you manage your time and reduce stress to give you a happier, sustainable lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions we get regarding our investment services. If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us. We’d be happy to speak with you about your individual situation.
What are the benefits of working with PracticCFO versus managing my practice on my own?
A lot goes into running a dental practice. As a business owner you can find yourself performing the roles of bookkeeper, human resources, marketing and more. And making correct financial decisions around purchasing, taxes, debt, budgeting, 401Ks and other financial areas can be daunting.

Ask yourself, what is the best use of your time? And does handling those different areas yourself maximize your earnings? PracticeCFO takes many of the financial burdens off your plate and provides key financial guidance so you can succeed financially while remaining focused on your patients’ care.
How long do I have to contract your services for?
We don’t make you sign any contract or commit to any minimum time period. All we ask is 30 days’ notice if you plan to discontinue our engagement. We can work this way because we have a 96% client retention rate. We’re pretty sure you’ll like us and want to keep us around.
If I hire PracticeCFO, do I still have control of my practice?
Yes, of course. You are the owner and decision-maker of your practice. We provide guidance and specific services you need to keep things running smoothly and maximize your revenue.
What if my practice is small and I’m just starting out?
By the time your dental practice is billing $1 million a year, you’re at the tipping point of having more responsibilities than you can handle in-house. PracticeCFO offers you proven strategies, tried and tested in hundreds of dental practices just like yours, to fast-track your financial success.
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