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Team Zen

Team Zen provides clients financial peace of mind - a state of financial zen. The art of goal setting is our biggest differentiator, both for ourselves and our clients. We customize our client goals in our service deliverables, blending their personal and business visions into a smooth glide towards success. This unique planning style turns financial chaos into a quiet walk towards financial enlightenment.
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Our philosophy

Team Zen diligently takes on the burdens of uncertainty so clients can remain focused on the execution. We proactively seek out potential disturbances ("blind spots") that clients may face, from external factors such as changing legislation, to internal factors such as bad habits. Wherever the source, we identity and work with clients in a straightforward, honest and efficient way. The end result? A state of financial zen.

We are your perfect team if...

  • You are committed to yourself and your business
  • Find pleasure in achieving goals
  • Understanding your numbers is important to you
  • You want to remained disciplined with your finances

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