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PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Below are our recent posts designed to keep you in-the-know.
Team Thrive Takes on Boston!
What a blast we had at the Yankee Dental Conference! Your friends at Team Thrive packed up and brought PracticeCFO over to the east coast, where we got to share with the community just how exactly we help dentists thrive financially. In addition to exhibiting, Wes also presented two great courses on dental financial education. The first was The Dental Practice Purchase: […]
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Starting 2024 Strong with a Dental CFO
Welcome to 2024! In the world of dental finance, this time of year is an important mile marker. And as a dentist, now more than ever is it a good time to step back and make sure that your CPA is taking proactive measures to start you off strong.  How is this done? By staying ahead of the curve […]
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Beware of Dental Impersonation Scams: A Dentist's Tale of Deceit
In today's interconnected world, scams and online frauds have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. The dental industry is no exception to this deceit. We share the story of a dentist we personally know here at PracticeCFO, who ended up being the target of this very crime. Read on to hear their experience and learn valuable insights on […]
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Fighting the Fraud: Breaking Down the ERC Moratorium
Effective 9.14.23, the IRS has announced an immediate halt to the processing of new ERC filings. This moratorium has been put in place to help the IRS better target fraudulent ERC filings, which have risen to alarming rates since the program's inception. With a stronger focus on compliance, this moratorium is intended to 1) track down […]
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Items to Consider When Entertaining a DSO Sale
Many dentists are receiving proposals from DSOs to purchase their practice. These proposals are more complicated than a traditional practice sale. On surface, they generally look very appealing. However, there are various factors to consider when determining if the proposal is, in reality, a good one (or not). These factors include:  At this year's annual Dykema Conference, DSO […]
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They're Back: Student Loan Payments Resume & Interest Accrues
After a three-year pause on federal student loan payments, September 1st marked the first significant step toward restarting the process: borrowers will once again see interest accrue on their loan balances.  The milestone comes one month ahead of the next major date for millions of American borrowers: October 1st, when most payments will resume.  Here’s what […]
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New Podcast! The Evolution of Deal Structures in the DSO Space
We’ve seen a consistent trend toward consolidation in the dental space for the last 15 years. But coming out of the pandemic, the DSO marketplace is changing. And if you’re thinking about selling your practice to a Dental Service Organization, it’s useful to understand the different deal structures available to you. So, how are DSO […]
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New Podcast! Five Dumb Things That Smart Dentists Do, featuring Dr. Richard Madow
You’ve got to be pretty smart to be a dentist. You went to college, excelled in a difficult major like biochemistry, physics or molecular biology and made it through dental school. But then you were thrown out into the real world, where it takes more than clinical mastery to run a successful practice. And even […]
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PCFO Podcast Feature! How to Determine Your “Break-Even” as a Dental Practice Owner, with Chuck Blakeman & Wes
It was an honor to once again be featured on Chuck Blakeman's Get Off The Treadmill Podcast! Tune in as Wes and Chuck navigate the world of breaking even in a dental practice. Lots of important accounting content in this episode that practice owners should be aware of. Listen here! To check out Wes's other […]
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Retirement Ready: What You Need To Know About The Secure Act 2.0
The Secure Act 2.0 was signed into law in late December 2022 and builds upon the earlier "Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement" (SECURE) Act of 2019. This legislation enacts dozens of retirement-related provisions for employees and employers alike.  The Secure Act 2.0 empowers individuals to save for retirement, improves the rules surrounding retirement, and […]
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