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Leveraging Multisided Platforms for Buying and Selling Dental Practices

by PracticeCFO | June 28, 2024

In the unique world of dental practice ownership, buying or selling a dental practice can be a significant milestone in a dentist's career. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner looking to expand your practice or a dentist contemplating retirement, the process of buying or selling a dental practice can be complex and daunting. However, with the rise of multisided platforms, this traditional process is being revolutionized, offering a seamless and efficient way for dentists to connect and facilitate practice transitions.

Multisided platforms, also known as two-sided or multi-sided markets, are marketplaces that connect multiple groups of users and facilitate transactions between them. In the context of buying and selling dental practices, a multisided platform serves as a digital intermediary that brings together dentists looking to sell their practices and those interested in purchasing them. And provides tools for them and their teams (CPAs, Attorney’s, bankers) to navigate a smooth sale.

Here's how a multisided platform can transform the process of buying and selling dental practices:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: By listing their practices on a multisided platform, sellers can significantly increase the visibility of their listings. Dentists looking to buy a practice can easily browse through available listings, compare options, and find practices that match their criteria, leading to more efficient transactions.
  2. Streamlined Communication: Multisided platforms provide a centralized communication channel for buyers and sellers to interact, exchange information, and negotiate terms. This streamlined communication process saves time and effort for both parties involved in the transaction.
  3. Access to Valuable Data and Insights: Multisided platforms often offer tools and analytics that provide valuable data and insights into the market trends, valuation of practices, and historical transaction data. Dentists can leverage this information to make informed decisions and navigate the buying or selling process with confidence.
  4. Secure Transactions: Multisided platforms prioritize security and trust, ensuring that transactions are conducted safely and securely. Sellers can have confidence that their confidential information is protected, while buyers can trust the legitimacy of the listings on the platform.
  5. Expert Guidance and Support: Many multisided platforms offer additional services such as legal guidance, financial assistance, and practice transition support to ensure a smooth and successful transaction for both parties involved. These resources can prove invaluable in navigating the complexities of buying and selling dental practices.

Today, the leader in multi-sided platforms for dental practice sales is Practice Orbit. Practice Orbit gives dentists a modern, tech-based, option to sell their practice. Some beneficial features include:

  1. Sellers:
    -Free, near-immediate value assessment of the practice.
    -A “Take Home” estimate showing the seller how much they’d take home from the sale after paying off debt, taxes, and selling expenses.
    -A beautiful digital profile of the practice, like a home profile on Redfin, but for a dental practice.
    -An anonymous listing of the practice to maintain confidentiality.
    -Built-in NDA and Offer Letters for easy of signatures.
    -Built-in messaging center between buyers, sellers, and their teams.
    -Digital workflow to stay organized through the sale.
    -A much lower expense at 3% for a technology fee rather than the traditional 8-10%.

  2. Buyers
    -An easy approach to searching dental practices
    -Saved Searches: Be automatically notified when new practices that fit your target criteria come for sale.
    -Bank Prequalification’s: Get prequalified for a loan so you’re a strong candidate when you find your target practice.
    -Practice Purchase Checklist: Stay organized throughout the transition!
    -Take Home Calculation: See how much you’ll take home from a practice after all expenses and debt payments!
    -Free education on purchasing a practice.

Practice Orbit offers a modern and efficient solution for dentists seeking to transition their practices.

As the dental industry continues to evolve, adopting innovative solutions like multisided platforms can help dentists make informed decisions, connect with the right opportunities, and achieve their practice transition goals seamlessly.

Whether you are a dentist looking to sell your practice or a buyer seeking the perfect opportunity, exploring multisided platforms could be the key to unlocking a successful practice transition experience.

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