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PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Our podcast series, The Dental Board Room, is designed to keep you in the know with expert-driven interviews on the latest industry news. 

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Tackling Your Dental Student Loans with Travis Hornsby
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room Podcast we have Travis Hornsby on the show. Travis Hornsby is the owner of Student Loan Planner, one of the most popular resources for student loan education and resources. Travis gives his insights on proposed legislative changes under Biden's administration that could impact student loan borrowers, […]
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Life and Disability Insurance Every Dentist Should Have
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room podcast, we have Brian Leet, FMLI, MBA. Brian is a non-captive insurance broker with many years of experience in the industry. Brian's been working with dentists and dental specialists since he started in the insurance industry. He shares his insights for how dentists should navigate one […]
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Embezzlement Identification and Control Guide for your Dental Practice
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room Podcast, we have CEO and founder of Prosperident, David Harris. Prosperident is the world's oldest and largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against general dentists and dental specialists. David shares several embezzlement stories his firm has uncovered and goes through a number of methods to identify […]
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Financial Independence in 10 Years - The Journey of Dr. Jared Lee
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room Podcast, we have Dr. Jared Lee and his wife Kristin.  On this show, they discuss their incredible journey toward their 10-year goal of financial independence. Dr. Lee and his wife give a great perspective on important course corrections and their move to Juneau, Alaska in search […]
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A Blueprint for Finding and Growing your First Dental Practice by over 50% in Year One
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room Podcast, we have Dr. David and Kristin Kelly on the show to share their experiences during their first year of dental practice ownership. The Kelly's share their blueprint for finding and growing your early dental practices' bottom line by 100% in the first year.
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Navigating the PPO Landscape with Nick Partridge
This week's episode of The Dental Board Room Podcast features Nick Partridge, founder of Five Lakes Dental Solutions. In this podcast, we tackle the subject of PPO contracts. PPO contracts are becoming increasingly prevalent in dental practices. Insurance contracts are complicated, and dentists often leave large sums of money on the table because they don't […]
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Innovation, Build Out, Virtual Consults and More with Dr. Weston Spencer DDS
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room Podcast, we have a long-time friend and client, Dr. Weston Spencer, on the show. Dr. Spencer opens up about his early days as a practice owner and touches on areas where new practice owners can really THRIVE and make a difference in their new dental practice's […]
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Grit, Leadership, Culture, and Acquisitions with Dr. Landon Libby and His Wife Nichole
In this weeks episode of the Associates on Fire podcast, we talk with Dr. Landon Libby and his wife and right arm in the practice, Nichole Libby. In five years they've purchased three dental practices, rolling each new practice into their own. Through leadership and culture management, they've built a premier practice. Listen and learn […]
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Building a Holistic Dental Marketing Plan for your Practice
In this weeks episode we have the owner of Dental Game Plan, Josh Summers. Dental Game Plan is a holistic dental marketing company dedicated to the dental space, and Josh gives us an in depth look at how to design and execute a holistic marketing plan for your dental practice. Get ready, because there is […]
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