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Sitting down with The Dental Board Room

PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Our podcast series, The Dental Board Room, is designed to keep you in the know with expert-driven interviews on the latest industry news. 

Tune in to our episodes below!
Building a Holistic Dental Marketing Plan for your Practice
In this weeks episode we have the owner of Dental Game Plan, Josh Summers. Dental Game Plan is a holistic dental marketing company dedicated to the dental space, and Josh gives us an in depth look at how to design and execute a holistic marketing plan for your dental practice. Get ready, because there is […]
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Single Doctor "Nuts-and-Bolt" Dental Practice Owner sells for $1,850,000. How'd he do it?
In this episode of our Associates on Fire podcast we talk with Bob Marcus, former practice owner that ran a $2,000,000 single-doctor nuts-and-bolts dental practice with 50% profit margin. He shares with us his secrets of success. Also on the show is Darren Kaberna, practice management coach with Accelerate My Practice to share his insights […]
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From Good to Great. An Ortho Practice Acquisition with Dr. Chad Foster
Dr. Chad Foster shares about his experience purchasing an orthodontic practice in Phoenix AZ. As a client of PracticeCFO during the acquisition (and since), we've seen him take a standard practice and convert it to one of the most productive single-doctor ortho practices we've ever seen.  
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A Buyers Story Every Dentist Should Listen to with Dr. Tim Garofolo
In this episode of The Dental Board Room Podcast, we have Dr. Tim Garofolo as our guest. To say Tim's early days as a practice owner were eventful is a dramatic understatements. We believe every early stage dentist should listen to this incredible story of getting knocked down and then picking oneself back up and […]
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Associates on Fire: Opening Podcast
Time to ignite, dental associates! In this opening podcast, we lay out what the Associates on Fire program is all about. We discuss the challenges and opportunities early-career dentists are facing and provide our insight on how dental associates can fire up their pathway to success.
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