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Hygiene Superstar: Quadrupling the Production of Your Hygienist

by PracticeCFO | December 22, 2023

If you see your hygienist as someone who simply cleans teeth, you’re missing an opportunity.

Steve Sperry characterizes hygienists as treatment coordinators who are licensed to clean teeth. And he suggests compensating them for motivating patients to improve their overall health.

But what does that look like? How might you incentivize your hygienists to educate patients while they’re cleaning their teeth?

Steve is President of Inventive Dental Solutions and Coauthor of Hygiene SuperstarWith 25 years of experience in dental practice management, Steve is passionate about helping dentists grow as leaders and build a successful business.

On this episode of The Dental Board Room, Steve joins host Wes Read to explain how to quadruple the production of your hygienist.

Steve challenges us to look at a dental practice as a subscription model business and compensate hygienists based on dollars scheduled coming out of the room.

Listen in for insight on using real-time data to run a practice more effectively and learn how to leverage ‘hygiene superstars’ to make your practice more profitable!

Topics Covered 

[0:59] The differences among leadership, management and teaming

[8:19] How dentists can use real-time data to run a practice more effectively

[19:20] Why Steve sees hygienists as ‘treatment coordinators licensed to clean teeth’

[26:01] The benefit of looking at your practice as a subscription model business

[27:45] Compensating hygienists for their global impact on patients

[41:03] How much revenue comes from hygiene vs. restorative work in the most profitable practices

[44:06] How to build appropriate incentive vehicles for your staff

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Hygiene Superstar by Mike Czubiak and Steve Sperry


The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen R. Covey

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