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PracticeCFO’s Diversified Approach to Investing

by Drew Phillips, CPA | August 1, 2023

What’s the smartest way to invest your money to win in the long term?

Dental practices benefit from being in an industry that is mostly recession proof. But can you build an investment portfolio that will also survive an economic downturn?

Brandon Hobson, CFA®, CPA serves as Chief Investment Officer at PracticeCFO.

On this episode of The Dental Board Room, he joins host Drew Phillips to continue their conversation on investing in the current economy.

Brandon and Drew discuss several factors impacting the economy right now, including the Fed rate hike cycle, the pause on student loan payments, and the US labor market.

Brandon shares the thinking behind PracticeCFO’s diversified approach to investing, explaining how we’re managing our client portfolios and why we allocate more to value stocks than growth investing.

Listen in for insight on the relationship between bonds and the banking sector’s recent instability and learn the investment strategies that will help you and your practice thrive in an uncertain financial landscape.

Topics Covered 

[1:12] Why the Fed is pausing its rate hike cycle and what to expect when they meet in July

[4:04] The data points Brandon looks at to gauge the probability of a recession

[8:21] How the end of the pause on student loan payments is likely to impact the economy

[13:30] Why the dental industry is more affected by the current labor market than other businesses

[17:30] How PracticeCFO is managing its client’s portfolios right now

[25:17] The thinking behind Practice CFO’s diversified approach to investing

[30:15] How PracticeCFO makes decisions around investing in growth vs. value stocks

[37:49] The concept of a bear market and how long a typical market cycle lasts

[40:33] Brandon’s advice for young, early-stage investors on navigating the emotion of investing

[45:39] Why it’s beneficial for PracticeCFO to manage a client’s business strategy, personal investments and personal financial plan

[50:43] How the devaluation of bonds drove recent instability in the banking sector

[1:00:01] Brandon’s take on what the future holds for the banking industry

[1:03:43] How the SVB bailout differs from what the government did in 2008

[1:07:53] The benefit of keeping bonds in your portfolio (despite their recent decline in value)

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