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Thriving within a PPO Practice!

by Wes Read, CPA, CFP® | March 8, 2023

The Dental Board Room Podcast has always favored a Fee-For-Service practice model. However, we admit we've seen practices succeed within the PPO framework and contract restrictions. In fact, some PPO practices have seen tremendous success. But how is that possible when your in-network reimbursement rates are less than 50% of your UCR rates? 

In this episode, Dr. Bob Marcus DMD, former practice owner who sold a 2.3M single-doctor PPO practice with no debt at age 51, explains the formula. This formula includes:

  1. An improved hygiene program
  2. Better dental technology
  3. Increased Efficiency
  4. A more effective assistant
  5. A more effective front office
  6. A successful case presentation and acceptance plan

Bob drives home the power of leverage, communication, and leadership. He reverses the narrative with the team and patients in a way that starts with the end in mind and never with insurance. 

This is absolutely an episode to not be missed. Tune in today! 

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