One Clever Way to Really Get Ahead

We’re often asked by clients how they can make more money save on taxes.  Here’s my answer: Move.  Move to a state with lower taxes and cost of living.  Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to be a state with great weather or beaches. Unlike some geographically-tethered professions, dentists can live and work anywhere and still make the same amount of money.  It’s just as easy to have a practice collecting $1MM in a rural area as a city.  Why?  Less competition in less populated...Read More

Budgeting for Real Estate

Real Estate Investing (Part I – budgeting for your primary residence) Having a diverse set of clients ranging from retirees to those just beginning to establish their nest egg, we see it all. The results of good financial decisions. And the not so good ones. As an advisor I can’t help but notice some commonalities in real estate. It’s often the folks with the largest nest eggs who are well primed for a fruitful retirement own multiple properties. And I can’t count how many times I’ve...Read More
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