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Drew Phillips, CPA

Senior CFO Advisor
  • Name: Drew Phillips
  • Education & Experience:
    Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Banking and Accounting: Appalachian State University.
    Transaction Advisory Services: Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
    Finance & Underwriting: MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
    What I Do At PracticeCFO: I provides CPA, business consulting, business and personal financial planning, and investment services to privately owned dental and medical practices. I assists my clients in navigating the complexities of being a practice owner from the startup, acquisition and/or partnership formation phase through retirement. My goal is to ensure our clients achieve their personally tailored definition of success by creating and monitoring a personalized plan through our all-in-one service.My services include business and personal financial planning, retirement plan and investment management, comprehensive tax management, accounting, bill pay, buy/ sell-side representation in practice transitions, and partnership consulting.I'm also one of the creators and educators of the Associates on Fire Program. As such, I host The Associates on Fire Podcast, which has guests from all across the dental and medical industry on the show to discuss best business practices. You can find The Associates on Fire podcast on all major podcast streaming platforms.
  • Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Videography and Video Editing, Traveling, Podcasting (The Associates on Fire Podcast).
  • An Interesting Fact About Me: I’ve climbed 40 of the 46 mountains in the Adirondack Mountains over 4,000 ft. Commonly referred to as a 46er!See below for real client progression highlights under my CFO leadership:

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