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Randy Lundy, CPA

Lead CFO Advisor
  • Education & Experience: Bachelor of Arts, Finance and Accounting (The Master’s University). I began my career over 15 years ago in public accounting at KPMG LLP, providing audit and advisory services to mid-size and Fortune 500 companies, and eventually finding ways to impact my community through not-for-profit organizational leadership and financial consulting. I have served families and business leaders in financial planning and balance sheet management for over a decade now. At Practice CFO I’m eager to be a resource to doctors and dentists wanting to invest intentionally, grow their practices, and serve their communities to their fullest.
  • What I Do At PracticeCFO: My role is to help our clients identify their unique opportunities and align their money to what they care about most. Too often in life and in our professions, we settle for too little (less profitable) or strive for too much (less content). We want to help you find the right balance for yourself and be your trusted advisor in the journey—making confident and impactful decisions that will benefit you, your family and your community for years to come.
  • Hobbies: Craft coffees, travel/backpacking, wrestling with my kids (age 10 and under), music, and good food.
  • An Interesting Fact About Me: I play electric guitar, studied vocal performance, and released an EP (you’ll have to dig around to find it!). I was fondly nicknamed “flamingo kid” in high school after successfully balancing on one leg for over twenty minutes in concert when my guitar strap broke unexpectedly.
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