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What our clients say

Wes knows what's best for dental practices. He's been doing this for a long time and he sees lots of practices. He can tell me how our practice is doing, and what we can do to increase our productivity. With past CPA's, there were no ideas. It was all coming from me, saying "I think I can do better, but I don't know how." I come in to meet with Wes and he says "You CAN do better, and I know how."

Deon M.
San Marcos, CA

PracticeCFO is in hundreds of dental offices around the country. They know what numbers should look like. They know what percentages of payroll, rent and supplies should be, and they will hold you accountable to those numbers, which will really help you stick to your plan and your path of growth and savings. That is invaluable


Tim G.
Encinitas, CA

Whenever something comes up, whether it's building or practice related and we weren't sure where the numbers would go, PracticeCFO has been instrumental in helping us figure that out. I can't say enough of how important that is - that it goes beyond that initial partnership. They make sure this business marriage works.

Rabee M. & Christo M.
San Diego, CA

When I go home from work, I don't spend a whole lot of time stressing about what my books look like, or how much I owe in taxes. By using PracticeCFO, the burden of keeping track of a lot of the big financial numbers and metrics are taken off my plate.

Weston S.
La Jolla, CA

PracticeCFO helped me develop a plan for the future. I have colleagues that work with other accountants that don't have a plan - they just look at the numbers of the practice and that's it. There's no plan for 10, 20 years from now. But with PracticeCFO, you get that. PracticeCFO makes you feel like you're they're only client.

Javier V.
San Diego, CA

(In reference to his practice sale) What could've been super stressful, wasn't! When picking John and Wes, it was from word of mouth recommendations and other people's experiences from the past that really did it for me. And it turns out that those recommendations were right on the line.

Bob M.
San Diego, CA

Wes knows the business side of dentistry. His comprehensive plan will organize your personal and professional finances so you can focus on taking care of patients. Massive ROI.

Mark G
Encinitas, CA

I can’t say enough good things about everyone at PracticeCFO. Everyone on the team is professional, organized, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. They also respond to emails and phone calls immediately and are always happy to help. They have helped me navigate year-to-year as a business owner. PracticeCFO gives me peace of mind that my business is in good hands.

Eric M
Los Ángeles, CA

I love Practice CFO! They have helped me obtain a practice and maintain a practice. They are incredible people who are on top of everything and make owning and running the business portion of a practice easy. They couldn’t be better for my business and my sanity. They have every detail of the business and taxes taken care of where all I have to do is show up and follow their easy steps to success!

Matthew O
Encinitas, CA

Practice CFO has the best tools I’ve seen for personal tax and financial planning in addition to top-tier corporate tax and accounting services. I have been very pleased with the level of quality service. They manage my monthly bookkeeping and accounts payable. It is a great system and saves me a ton of time, and it allows us to have monthly financial statements within a week of month end.

Tina S.
Carlsbad, CA

My husband and I recently purchased our second practice with PracticeCFO’s help. When we bought our first, we did not do enough ‘due diligence’ and ended up quite surprised after the transition.

For the second office we worked with Greg Maravilla at PracticeCFO. He helped us evaluate multiple practices and did the final thorough evaluation of the practice we ended up buying. Deb Eatros conducted a thorough review of the charts. She gave us a full breakdown of what we were getting into and helped us work around some issues.

We are very thankful to the team at practice CFO for their knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for help purchasing a practice!

Scarlet S
La Palma, CA

There are too many good things to say about Wes and his team at PracticeCFO. As a new dentist entering into the real world of running a practice, they have gone above and beyond to help guide me and teach me. They made my buy-in smooth, and continue to help keep us running efficiently. The personal financial planning runs hand-in-hand, and they help make everything flow easily from my practice to my personal life and future.

Chris M
San Diego, CA

Best Dental Accounting Team in the West! Always responsive and on top of everything. My practice has really grown since I decided to use them about 5 years ago. The metrics and planning meetings are always thought provoking and inspirational as a business owner. Would not use anyone else!

Josh S
Los Angeles, CA

As a dentist and business owner, I know what I’m good at and passionate about, and I know what I’m not so passionate about. I want to focus on doing dentistry and to do that I know I need a team of people around me to make sure all is good. PracticeCFO is as good as it gets.

John J
San Diego, CA
What our clients say
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