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Simplify your financial freedom. Work with an integrated team of best-in-class advisors, led by your own personal CFO, who get to know you and your dental practice like it was their own.

PracticeCFO enables dentists to thrive financially.

Grow and retain more of your dental practice profits to accelerate your financial independence.

Ready to grow your financial success? Scale for success! We can help you work smarter, organize your business and personal finances, and build the life you want.
Your personal team 
You get your own CFO Advisor and supporting team to oversee the financial planning, tax, and accounting of your financial ecosystem. It will include a lead CFO Advisor, tax planner, accountant, and investment specialist.
Industry experts 
Why work with generalists when you can tap the experience of dental specialists? PracticeCFO is a financial management firm uniquely qualified to help dental practice owners maximize their profitability and overall financial success.
360 degrees of service 
When you own a dental practice, the best financial plans are holistic. PracticeCFO integrates your business and personal finances into a single, harmonized strategy designed to achieve your targeted financial outcomes.
Financial peace of mind 
You want to ensure the longevity of your dental practice and the financial security of your family. PracticeCFO offers practical, purposeful, and profitable financial management, guiding you to financial independence.

The complete PracticeCFO plan for success

You have the knowledge and training to provide the best care to your patients, but are you equally capable of managing the financial aspects of your dental practice? PracticeCFO can fill the financial management gap and support your pursuit of life goals through the proper administration of your practice and personal financial life.

Investments for your future

The revenue your dental practice generates shouldn’t be your only source of income. Put your money to work for you. PracticeCFO can develop an investment plan as part of a comprehensive financial blueprint. We’ll map out a holistic investing strategy to help you become financially independent earlier in life.

Complete CFO services

A dental practice is a business with unique financial challenges that call for skilled expertise. Yet as a dentist, nearly all of your training was focused on dental treatments. PracticeCFO can take much of the financial decision-making burden off your plate, giving you more time to see patients and enjoy your life.

Help with business transitions

You’ve worked hard to build your dental practice and want to ensure its longevity as well as provide stability for your employees and patients. Transferring ownership, whether to a family member or buyer, is complicated. PracticeCFO can craft a succession plan that ensures a smooth transition and satisfies all stakeholders.

Additionally, PracticeCFO can guide you through the acquisition process of buying a dental practice. We’ve helped hundreds of dentists do just that. We also have an excellent financial training program for dental associates aspiring to be practice owners at

The PracticeCFO Difference

Experience the difference! When dentists receive proactive financial guidance that “brings it all together,” they can significantly increase their financial organization and accelerate their financial freedom. At PracticeCFO, clients receive a diverse team of professionals geared to do just this. Together, we become the one-stop-shop that covers it all and streamlines your path to success.
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Personal Financial Planning

PracticeCFO takes a comprehensive look at your financial picture and provides a clear strategy for accumulating wealth and navigating your financial future.

Practice Financial Planning

Your practice is the beating heart of your cash flow. And you want that heart to be healthy. PracticeCFO offers integrated services that optimize all aspects of your business to boost financial success. We take the guesswork out of scaling your wealth and guide you toward smart financial decisions that accelerate your success.

Tax Planning

A comprehensive financial plan isn’t complete without tax planning. You need to consider your current taxes, your taxes on investments as they grow, and your future taxes that will affect the withdrawal of assets in retirement. PracticeCFO is experienced in applying legitimate but assertive tax deductions that allow you to retain more of your earnings.

Investments & 401(k)

Did you know that only 2% of dentists today are able to retire at age 65 and maintain their lifestyle? Are you on track for financial independence? With proper planning and investments, you can eliminate financial uncertainty in your future.


Transferring ownership of a dental practice is complicated. The owner has both a financial and emotional investment in the business. Whether you’re considering buying or selling a practice, or planning for family succession, you’ll want to ensure a smooth transition in which all parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Tax Filing

Because we are involved proactively throughout the year, we make sure that all tax strategies and filings – business and personal – are properly implemented.


As your dental practice grows, its accounting needs become more complex. It’s important for you to know the true profitability of your business. You want to be sure you’re on track to meet your financial objectives. PracticeCFO will give you detailed accounting reports each month that summarize the financial health of your practice. These reports will also allow you to compare your overhead to industry norms as well as track your progress toward specific financial goals.


How you do payroll can affect how much you pay in taxes. If it’s not properly determined, you risk overpaying FICA taxes or becoming the subject of an IRS audit. Additionally, if your practice has a retirement plan, such as a 401k, you’ll need to determine how your compensation affects the plan funding requirements for you and your staff. PracticeCFO works directly with our strategic payroll partner to ensure payroll is managed correctly and also integrated into your tax and financial planning.

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