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PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Below are our recent posts designed to keep you in-the-know.
The Latest on Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan & COVID Deferment
After the Supreme Court’s historic hearing on February 28th that will determine the fate of President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness initiative, millions of borrowers are anxiously awaiting updates. Biden’s plan, if it goes forward, would eliminate $10,000 in federal student loan debt for borrowers who earned under $125,000 in income in 2020 or 2021 ($250,000 if […]
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The SVB Collapse: Secure With Schwab
As you’ve probably heard, Silicon Valley Bank went into receivership with the FDIC on March 10, 2023. Effectively, the bank failed as it could not meet customer withdrawal demands. That following Sunday, a second institution, Signature Bank went under as well. These events have caused some panic as investors fear a widespread “contagion” event followed by […]
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Navigating Insurance Networks To Your Advantage
A couple of clients have told me recently that they’d been getting 80+ new patients per month, which sounds great!  Of course the influx made them feel busy and hectic, but more patients is better…. right?  Turns out, 90% of the new patients were Delta PPO patients.  The patients’ original office had gone out of network […]
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The Stock Market in 2022: Our Review, and What To Expect in 2023
Let's review the 2022 stock market. Last year was a winning year for the diversified portfolio. International stocks outperformed the U.S. stock market, despite the U.S. dollar strengthening. Short-duration bonds outperformed long-duration bonds due to the rapid rise in interest rates. Quality, high-dividend-paying stocks outperformed the overall stock market by a wide margin.   Inflation raged across the globe in […]
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What You Need To Know On The Latest REPAYE Changes
The Biden Administration has just announced significant regulatory changes intended to reduce the cost of federal student loan payments for borrowers.  The Education Department’s proposed rules would revise one of its existing income-driven repayment plans — known as REPAYE — in which borrowers’ monthly payments are tied to their income and family size, and after a […]
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New Podcast! Diving Into Delta Dental Insurance, featuring Joanne Tanner
We welcome back Joanne Tanner to The Dental Board Room, this time taking a deep dive into the world of Delta dental insurance. Sit back and listen to Joanne's expertise on practice growth and profitability, and make sure to learn more over at Tanner Management. Hosted by our very own senior CFO advisor and firm partner, Greg Maravilla. […]
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Start Planning! The IRS's Latest Increases To Your Retirement Savings
With the new year around the corner, the IRS has issued new maximums for retirement plans and other tax-advantaged contributions, like HSAs. The new maximums are a significant jump in your ability to save for retirement and reduce taxes.  Your CFO Advisor will help you make the most of these in the upcoming year.
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Your PracticeCFO Tour: Check Out Our Demo Video!
Welcome to your tour of PracticeCFO! We're thrilled to premiere our new client services demo, led by our very own CEO & founder, Wes Read. This video provides a thorough glimpse into what it means to be a client of ours. Why does our service model work? How do we effectively accelerate the path to financial independence? And how exactly […]
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Why Your Accountant Is Your Worst Enemy
No, we're certainly not talking about our accounting team here at PracticeCFO. So what exactly do we mean by the title? Say you're not a client of PracticeCFO, and instead you are a dentist looking to be financially independent. However you are relying solely on your accountant/ CPA to help you with this. You don't have somebody who is uniquely qualified […]
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