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PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Below are our recent posts designed to keep you in-the-know.
A Welcome Relief (But Not For All): Student Loan Forgiveness
After years of public debate and swirling rumors about the size and scope of student loan forgiveness, the specifics of President Biden’s plan have finally been revealed.  This is welcome news for millions of borrowers, however there are important caveats to this unprecedented executive order. Forgiveness Qualification:There are roughly 45 million federal student loan borrowers in […]
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New Podcast! Landmines To Avoid When Purchasing a Dental Practice (And More!)
Purchasing a dental practice is a complicated process full of potential landmines. In this episode, we interview Joanne Tanner, a 30-year veteran of practice management consulting and dental buyer support services. Joanne and Wes discuss what “due diligence” actually mean when purchasing a dental practice. What reports should be reviewed. What are the indicators of potential […]
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New Podcast! Upside Down Leadership as a Dental Practice Owner
Now this is a podcast you DON'T want to miss! We welcome back Bob Spiel, coach and practice management consultant. Bob brings his background as an MBA and operations director at fortune 500 companies to help dental practice owner learn how to be exceptional leaders. In his book, “Flip Your Focus: Igniting People, Profits, and Performance […]
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See You There - PCFO at CDA SF!
See you there! We're thrilled to be attending CDA once again, this time in beautiful San Francisco. From the fun surprises we have planned at our booth (#1617!) to Wes's presentation at "The Spot" (more details to come) we're certain that this will be a conference for the books. Will you be attending? Let us […]
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Inspiring Changes - How Dr. Elona Gaball Ignites Dreams Through Dentistry 
Here at PracticeCFO, we take great pride in our clients. We couldn't be more proud of all that they accomplish both in and out of the dental office - particularly their charitable endeavors. Which is why we're thrilled to highlight the incredible Dr. Elona Gaball! She is the owner of a local non-profit organization called Inspire Changes, which aims […]
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Staying Prepared: Why You Shouldn't Overlook Disability Insurance
At the time, about 10% of my clients have a serious health issue going on, ranging from stroke to cancer, and ranging ages mid-30s and up.  In my 6 years with PracticeCFO, I don’t recall a single incident of disability, and yet a number are occurring now.  Perhaps it’s coincidence or the accumulation of 2 […]
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Your July 2022 Brokerage Market Report 
Inflation and rising interest rates have caused enough headwinds to inject caution into the market for buyers and sellers of dental practices.  But they still remain plentiful. However, those who have considered selling may now be having second thoughts. This uncertainty is often a result of potentially choppy retirement options as the stock market continues to languish. […]
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Recession Risk: Should We Be Concerned?
Rising prices, rising rates, falling stocks, and headlines all mentioning Recession. What does it all mean and where are we going from here? Let’s address the elephant in the room. Recession risk. A recession, by definition, is two consecutive quarters of falling GDP (a measure of total US economic activity). We’ve already posted a negative Q1 […]
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The Student Loans Reporting Rundown: Recertification vs. Recalculation
Recertification: Required annual reporting of income to your student loan servicer to update your IDR payment for the upcoming year. Recalculation: Reporting your income anytime outside of your normal recertification timeline. Why would you do this? Read on! Did you know you are NOT required to recertify your income before March 2023? If you get a notice […]
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