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PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Our podcast series, The Dental Board Room, is designed to keep you in the know with expert-driven interviews on the latest industry news. 

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The Evolution of Deal Structures in the DSO Space
We’ve seen a consistent trend toward consolidation in the dental space for the last 15 years. But coming out of the pandemic, the DSO marketplace is changing. And if you’re thinking about selling your practice to a Dental Service Organization, it’s useful to understand the different deal structures available to you. So, how are DSO […]
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Five Dumb Things That Smart Dentists Do
You’ve got to be pretty smart to be a dentist. You went to college, excelled in a difficult major like biochemistry, physics or molecular biology and made it through dental school. But then you were thrown out into the real world, where it takes more than clinical mastery to run a successful practice. And even […]
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PracticeCFO’s Diversified Approach to Investing
What’s the smartest way to invest your money to win in the long term? Dental practices benefit from being in an industry that is mostly recession proof. But can you build an investment portfolio that will also survive an economic downturn? Brandon Hobson, CFA®, CPA serves as Chief Investment Officer at PracticeCFO. On this episode […]
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The Factors of Success in a Dental Partnership
What makes for a happy “business marriage” between two or three dentists? Why do dental partnerships fail frequently? Will a dental partnership help me compete more effectively in the dental market? In this episode of The Dental Boardroom Podcast, we interview Bob Spiel and Bryton Nield, founders of Dentist Partner Pros (formerly Dentist Hiring Pros). […]
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Estate Planning 101 for Dentists
Dentists can better prepare for their future by establishing a well-drafted estate plan. All too often, however, they delay doing so until it’s too late. If a dentist becomes mentally incapacitated (or worse, passes away) without an estate plan, they leave it to the state to decide how their assets will be distributed.  That is a long, public, and […]
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The Dental Marketing Wonder
On this episode of The Dental Boardroom Podcast, we welcome Michael Anderson - co-founder of The Wonderist Agency. Wonderist is one of the premier dental marketing companies in the industry. Michael covers many valuable lessons and key areas that every dental practice should consider with their marketing efforts. Growth in every business is essential, and […]
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Inspiring Smiles and Changes
We are beyond thrilled to have Dr. Elona Gaball share her journey as both a dental practice owner and founder of Inspire Changes, a non-profit with major dreams and goals. Our listeners are in for an inspiring story founded on grit, leadership, and determination!
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Thriving within a PPO Practice!
The Dental Board Room Podcast has always favored a Fee-For-Service practice model. However, we admit we've seen practices succeed within the PPO framework and contract restrictions. In fact, some PPO practices have seen tremendous success. But how is that possible when your in-network reimbursement rates are less than 50% of your UCR rates?  In this […]
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DSOs, DPOs, and Other Dental Financial Talk with Drew Phillips CPA
Welcome to the second episode of our CFO Series! In it, we interview our very own Drew Phillips of Team Financial Fitness. Drew is a Dental CPA and financial advisor here at PracticeCFO. He is one of our lead financial advisors, and coaches dental practice owners every day on how to achieve strong financial results […]
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