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Sitting down with The Dental Board Room

PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Our podcast series, The Dental Board Room, is designed to keep you in the know with expert-driven interviews on the latest industry news. 

Tune in to our episodes below!
Juggling Motherhood and Dentistry: Dr. Grace Yum
Being a great mom can be challenging. Being a great mom while practicing dentistry can be downright overwhelming. How can a dentist who is also a mother manage success in both? In this podcast we interview Dr. Grace Yum, founder of the Mommy Dentist in Business (MDIB) community, a rapidly growing group of moms in […]
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The Stories of Thriving Practice Owners: Dr. Beth Bowen
We have Dr. Beth Bowen on this week's episode of the Associates on Fire Podcast. Beth has the unique experience of starting a dental practice from scratch, something we don't see as much of anymore. Beth gives us her first-hand account of what it took to build her dream practice one brick at a time.
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The Dental Insurance and Billing Guru - Dr. Travis Campbell
This guest has a reputation in insurance and billing that precedes him; you may know him as the dental insurance guy or, more simply, as Dr. Travis Campbell. Travis quite literally wrote the book on dental insurance, and you can find a copy of "Understanding Dental Insurance" on Apple's iBooks platform. During our episode, Travis […]
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The Stories of Thriving Practice Owners: La Costa Dental Excellence
We're excited to introduce the first episode of our new series "The Stories of Thriving Practice Owners". In this new series, our listeners will get first-hand accounts from practice owners that have dedicated their lives to both clinical excellence and best business practices. Our first episode is a family affair. We have a trio of […]
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Investing In The Modern World
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room, we have Brandon Hobson, Chief Investment Officer of PracticeCFO, on the show. Brandon takes our listeners through the challenges investors face in the modern world and what investment strategies are best suited to navigate our new investment landscape. It's an episode you won't want to miss, […]
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Understanding Employer Law in a Dental Practice
As current or future business owner, it’s critical you understand the laws around employment. If not, you run the significant risk of litigation from a current or previous employee. Even the nicest of employees can become legal opponents down the road. In this podcast, we speak with Anita York, an employment law attorney that has […]
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The Power of Virtual Consults: How to Bring Cosmetic Dentistry Into Your Practice Like Never Before
In this episode we interview Dr. Brian Harris, founder of Virtual Smile, a software platform and doctor-education group that enables dentists to introduce cosmetic dentistry into their practice on an entirely new scale. Additionally, we have Dr. Weston Spencer on the program. Dr. Spencer is a user of Smile Virtual and member of the Smile […]
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Unlocking the Secrets of Dental Insurance and Billing
In this episode of The Dental Board Room, we have the wizard of dental insurance and everything that is dental billing, Mr. Ben Tuinei on the show to discuss the secrets that dental insurance companies don't want you to know. Ben's in-depth knowledge is sure to challenge your thoughts on dental insurance, and provide new […]
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Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing a Dental Practice
In this week's episode of The Dental Board Room, our founder and CEO, Wes Read, goes over everything you need to know when purchasing a dental practice. It's a must-listen for any associates and future practice owners out there that want to avoid costly missteps and set themselves up for great success.
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