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PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Below are our recent posts designed to keep you in-the-know.
Items to Consider When Entertaining a DSO Sale
Many dentists are receiving proposals from DSOs to purchase their practice. These proposals are more complicated than a traditional practice sale. On surface, they generally look very appealing. However, there are various factors to consider when determining if the proposal is, in reality, a good one (or not). These factors include:  At this year's annual Dykema Conference, DSO […]
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New Podcast! The Evolution of Deal Structures in the DSO Space
We’ve seen a consistent trend toward consolidation in the dental space for the last 15 years. But coming out of the pandemic, the DSO marketplace is changing. And if you’re thinking about selling your practice to a Dental Service Organization, it’s useful to understand the different deal structures available to you. So, how are DSO […]
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Strategies on Selling with Existing PPP and EIDL Loans
Have you thought about selling your dental practice but are worried about how a PPP or EIDL loan might affect the sale? It’s OK!  You’re not alone! Many practice owners have been able to sell their practices even when the practice is encumbered with these loans.  While your CFO and the escrow agent will help you […]
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New Podcast! Landmines To Avoid When Purchasing a Dental Practice (And More!)
Purchasing a dental practice is a complicated process full of potential landmines. In this episode, we interview Joanne Tanner, a 30-year veteran of practice management consulting and dental buyer support services. Joanne and Wes discuss what “due diligence” actually mean when purchasing a dental practice. What reports should be reviewed. What are the indicators of potential […]
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