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Your June 2022 Market Update

by Brandon Hobson, CFA®, CPA | June 17, 2022

Our Chief Investment Officer, Brandon Hobson, recently did a podcast with Drew Phillips, one of our CFO Advisors at PracticeCFO! We highly recommend you listen to this podcast for your quarterly market update. In the hour-long podcast, we discuss the following:

  • Shifting viewpoints at the federal reserve
  • The timing of interest rate hikes in 2022
  • The impact of rising rates on bank lending/the housing market
  • The impact of rising rates on consumer demand/inflation
  • How PracticeCFO screens ETFs for your portfolio
  • How PracticeCFO identifies opportunities and use active investment management in your portfolio
  • Key differences in geographical diversification, sector diversification and style diversification
  • How the Russia/Ukraine conflict impacts your investment portfolio

As always, we recommend that you stay the course and follow the long-term investment plan your CFO Advisor has designed for you. Sticking to the plan is the best way to keep short term market fluctuations from delaying your financial goals.

Remember, if your goals haven’t changed, your investment approach shouldn’t either.

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