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PracticeCFO is committed to providing customized financial advice to dental practices and their owners. Below are our recent posts designed to keep you in-the-know.
An Embezzlement Protection Guide for Dentists
Dental embezzlement within private practice dental offices is staggeringly high. But a basic understanding of the embezzler profile, symptoms, causes, methods, and safeguards can significantly lower the likelihood of it happening in your office. This guide can help you better protect your practice against this problem. Please note, while this guide is meant to be informative, […]
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Beware of Dental Impersonation Scams: A Dentist's Tale of Deceit
In today's interconnected world, scams and online frauds have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. The dental industry is no exception to this deceit. We share the story of a dentist we personally know here at PracticeCFO, who ended up being the target of this very crime. Read on to hear their experience and learn valuable insights on […]
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New Podcast! Five Dumb Things That Smart Dentists Do, featuring Dr. Richard Madow
You’ve got to be pretty smart to be a dentist. You went to college, excelled in a difficult major like biochemistry, physics or molecular biology and made it through dental school. But then you were thrown out into the real world, where it takes more than clinical mastery to run a successful practice. And even […]
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Navigating Insurance Networks To Your Advantage
A couple of clients have told me recently that they’d been getting 80+ new patients per month, which sounds great!  Of course the influx made them feel busy and hectic, but more patients is better…. right?  Turns out, 90% of the new patients were Delta PPO patients.  The patients’ original office had gone out of network […]
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Cybersecurity: How To Keep My Patient Records Safe
The American Dental Association is advising dentists and their staffs to be on the alert for possible internet security risks. As a business owner during the most robust technological era in history, the importance of utilizing best practices around cybersecurity protocol is at an all-time high. It is estimated that 45 million people were affected […]
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Setting Up PTO Tracking On MyPay Solutions
If you are a PracticeCFO client, that means your payroll is managed by us through myPay Solutions. Did you know that you're able to set up PTO tracking through their system as well? Our amazing MPS Specialist, Ginger Monroe, has contributed the rundown below to help walk you through the process.  Setting Up PTO Tracking On […]
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New Podcast! Upside Down Leadership as a Dental Practice Owner
Now this is a podcast you DON'T want to miss! We welcome back Bob Spiel, coach and practice management consultant. Bob brings his background as an MBA and operations director at fortune 500 companies to help dental practice owner learn how to be exceptional leaders. In his book, “Flip Your Focus: Igniting People, Profits, and Performance […]
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Wage Woes
Every business in America is feeling the wage pinch right now, and private practices are feeling the brunt. While large corporation happily pass these wage increases onto their customers by raising prices, increasing volume, & reinvesting in more efficient processes, many practices aren’t. Let’s talk about a couple simple things every practice can do to […]
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What You Need To Know About California's Retirement Mandate
If you have more than five employees, California requires you to have a suitable retirement savings plan (e.g. 401K) in your practice by June 30th of this year (2022.) The default state plan is called CalSavers.  Action may be required whether you have an existing plan in place not. Here’s what you need to know:  You are required […]
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Semi-Monthly Payroll: Why Employers Should Be Doing This
Although employees may not like change, switching to semi-monthly payroll can be a benefit to both them and you, the practice owner. First, a couple of definitions: Bi-weekly: payroll is paid every other week, i.e., every 14 days.  With 52 weeks per year, that creates 26 payroll cycles and 2 months per year in which there […]
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